The mode of payment is as follows:

  1. Cash on Delivery;
  2. By depositing money on the account of Smart Market Sales Ltd at any bank’s counter; SBM Bank Account: 503 00000 611 158
  3. By using your Debit/ Credit; Master card or Visa card;
  4. By direct transfer from another client of Smart Market Sales Ltd;
  5. Pre-arranged credit with Smart Market Sales Ltd on your account.

Deposit on our Company’s Bank Account:

By making direct deposits on the account below using online banking or deposit cash at banks counters. You must then inform us of that deposit through a transfer done (td) SMS to 8788.

Example: td 500 sbm sbmtransactioncode. This means that you have done a transfer into our SBM account with the transaction code that you have sent. Bank code of SBM – means State Bank of Mauritius.

Account Name: Smart Market Sales Ltd

SBM Account Number : 50300000611158
IBAN : MU55STCB1170000000611158000MUR
Branch Code : 0510