In order to shop online with us, it is imperative that you register as a client on Once registered you will obtain an account which is manageable by SMS. Then you can pay for your online purchases as follows:

1. Pay your shopping from your registered account which you can fund in the following ways :

A. Online Banking

By making direct deposits on the accounts below using online banking or deposit cash at banks counters. You must then inform us of that deposit through a transfer done (td) SMS to 8788.

Example: td 500 mcb mcbtransactioncode. This means that you have done a transfer into our MCB account with the transaction code that you have sent. Banks code are MCB, SBM, SBI or MAU for respectively Mauritius Commercial Bank, State Bank of Mauritius, State Bank of India and Maubank.

MCB Account Number : 000110536738
IBAN : MU98MCBL0911000000536738000MUR

SBM Account Number : 62030100118163
IBAN : MU83STCB1180030100118163000MUR

Maubank Account Number : 101000032400
IBAN : MU67MPCB1215101000032400000MUR

SBI Account Number : 154000170401
IBAN : MU72INIL0815154000170401000MUR

B. Deposit by Agent

By contacting call centre on 4029150 or sending a blank sms to 8788, requesting one of our regional appointed agent to collect your money and credit your account on the spot confirmed by an sms. We will find you to the agent closest to you with his NIC number. It is your duty to ensure that the agent contacting you to show his NIC number correspond to the one sent to you by sms. Also, ensure that you receive a confirmation sms on the spot triggered by our agent confirming your deposit has been successfully made in his presence.

C. Payment Facilities

By contacting call centre on 4029150 or sending a blank sms to 8788, you may be granted a payment facility interest free to start your shopping and make further deposits on your account for future shopping or agree on terms for payment facilities.

2. Cash On Delivery

After you have opened your account on and subject to our discretion, you will be allowed to pay cash on delivery . We give no change back avoiding contaminations and therefore you must tender the exact amount or we shall credit your account with the amount overpaid.

3. Deposit In Store

At any shop displaying a PMU sign outside you can tender the amount to be deposited into your shopping account but you will have to wait a few seconds until you receive your confirmation SMS before you leave the place.

4. Payment In Store

You can order online and choose to deposit your money in any shop displaying the PMU sign or deposit with one of our appointed agents. For that service send a blank sms on 8788 or phone 4029150. After your order and if you have chosen that option, you will receive a code by sms which you quote when remitting money to a PMU collector or an appointed agent. A notification sms that you have paid for your order will be sent to you within seconds in the presence of the person you remitted your money.

5. Transfer between SMS Shopping Accounts

You may give cash to your friends and relatives who are existing clients of and they will transfer that amount from their accounts into your shopping account. Example: Tr500 yoursimnumber to 8788 means your friend has transferred Rs500 to yoursimnumber and both will receive a confirmation sms. In other words your friend receives an sms he has transferred your Rs500 into your account and you also you receive an sms confirming Rs500 is credited into your account.

6. Transfer from SMS Pariaz Account

From any Sms Pariaz Account you can transfer funds into any shopping account with Send an sms to 8685 : tsAMOUNT simtobecreditted. For example send ts500 54202030 from an SMS Pariaz Account to the account 54202030 registered with

But you cannot transfer funds from any shopping account to any betting account.

Other Information

A. Shop with another Person’s Account

You can shop using the account of another person but with his permission. Each time that you shop, a One Time Password will be sent to him which he will give you so that you can validate your order. Similarly you can give your access logins to any person and each time that person shops, a One Time Password will be sent to you by SMS which you will have to give him so that he can validate his order.

B. Shop from Abroad to Person in Mauritius

From wherever you are, in Mauritius or abroad, you can shop for any person on our island. Just before you check out and when you are requested to give the delivery address, just give the address of that person.