About Us


Smart Market Sales (SMS.MU) is an online shopping service for the Mauritian people.

Our platform enables people to purchase basic products at reasonable a price. In view of the coronavirus crisis, all benefits received from our sales will automatically be given to the NGO Solidarite Marye Pike (SMP). In turn, they will pass on these benefits to the needy as food.

We make 2 deliveries per day. The morning delivery is between 10am to Noon and the afternoon delivery between 5pm to 7pm. We endeavour to complete the delivery within 24 hours or on the same day if orders are placed early.

Once your order is ready for collection, you will be notified by sms. You can choose from more than 125 collection points across the island.

Our dedicated team ensures preparation and delivery in good and safe hygienic conditions. At the collection point, you will collect your order at a table, with no contact from anybody. The queue must respect the one metre rule.

For perishable items like meat, fruits and vegetables,  orders made before 11am will be delivered in the afternoon. We sell only stock received on the same day. Whatever is not sold at the end of each day is cooked for the needy for supper.

We avoid the financial costs associated with credit cards by using Sms Pariaz Ltd for payment. If you do not have an Sms Pariaz account, you can create one online and top it up through internet banking. You can also transfer funds from one Sms Pariaz account to another so someone else can refill your account and vice versa. The latter method costs you nothing while banks charge a transfer fee of Rs 75 per transaction.

We have no minimum order threshold and you can buy everyday if you want. We do ration in order to avoid panic bulk buying, causing hardships to the poor who don’t have the financial muscles.

Our service is purely philanthropic.

We urge those who wish to help their elderly and sick lonely neighbours to take their shopping from our collection points to their respective houses. If you want to volunteer to help as a benevolent delivery person, you must register on smp.mu. Click ‘Vaincre Corona Ensam’ and fill an online form, section “GIVE Support”.

All transactions are account-based, leaving an audit trail.

Shop safe, shop on sms.mu and help the needy at the same time.

Help us to help others less fortunate.


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